2012 Peer Awards


Professional Staff of the Year                               Mike Works
Gung ho attitude, hard working, willingness to do what it takes, smart, is honest and tells you when he doesn’t know how to do something. Huge asset for the office.
Advocate of the Year     Estela Morales
WOW, what can I not say about this wonderful advocate? She is absolutely great in the delivery of her services. She is calming, dedicated, passionate about advocacy, a hard worker, always available when needed. She is confident, kind, and convincing. We are very fortunate to have her in our Victim Services Program.
Enforcement Officer of the Year     Paula Vaughn
Paula has taken on a role as the YONET Enforcement Officer; a role previously fulfilled with two full-time staff, and has done a remarkable job. She has streamlined many processes, re-structured core job aspects and has managed to excel in this new role. Paula’s organizational skills, tenacity and pursuit of making everything she touches better have made her a tremendous asset to both YONET and the Yolo County Gang Task Force.Because she has found a way to lighten the workload on everyone around her, demonstrated a consistent can-do attitude, successfully accomplished the work previously done by twice as many staff, and has been a great team play for YONET, Paula Vaughn should be considered for the Enforcement Officer of the Year.
Investigator of the Year     Mike Coughlin
Mike is known for reliability and tenacity. He is not new to this profession, but has the energy of a new officer when in pursuit of someone who has run afoul of the law. Mike can always be counted on to help the Investigations Division when work is backlogged. He demonstrates genuine concern for the people that work in the DA’s office—referring to them as his “DA Family.” He may seem to have a tough shell at times, but he has demonstrated time and again how much he cares for people.Mike is at his best when the work is most challenging. He is quick to deflect personal credit or accolade—always crediting his great team. His drive to do the job well and concern for his team are what make him my selection for District Attorney Investigator of the Year.
Manager of the Year     Rob Gorman
On multiple occasions Gorman has taken my phone calls or texts after work hours or on the weekend, once even while on vacation! Even though supervisors have lots of work to do, his door is always open and he takes time to explain issues.
Prosecutor of the Year     Barbara Enriquez
I would like to nominate Barbara Enriquez as DDA of the year. WOW- where to start with this awesome lady? Barbara has put in thirty years with this office!!!! Barbara is an amazing person to work with. Barbara is very knowledgeable in many special fields. She will do anything it takes to get the job done!!! It is not uncommon to find her working long hours or even weekends if needed. When you ask Barbara for help, she will go up and beyond (sometimes just doWes it for you) to help. Barbara is a very fun and energetic lady and has an awesome sense of humor.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence             Matt De Moura
Several of us would like to nominate Matt De Moura for the Annie Busta award because not only is he a pleasure to work with, he goes out of his way to foster a personal connection with those he works with. He is always ready with a smile, and is always positive no matter what the circumstances. Even when informed that he should be doing something a different way, he never takes offense. He is always professional, yet personable. For all of those reasons and more, Matt helps create a very harmonious and fun workplace. We believe our office gained a really great person when we hired Matt.

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