2010 Peer Awards


Professional Staff of the Year      Heather Temple
Heather is always willing to help out and find a file that seems it can never be found!
Advocate of the Year      Linda McCumber
Linda McCumber has been a victim advocate for many years. She has a great deal of patience for the people she serves and great dedication to the job she does. Linda McCumber has had a number of challenging cases during this last year and has done a great job in providing the necessary attention to each one. Linda is a wonderful asset to Victim Services and makes life fun throughout the office. For these reasons, and many others, Linda should be the advocate of the year.
Enforcement Officer of the Year     Heidi D’Agostino
Heidi is currently the enforcement office assigned to the Consumer Fraud and Environmental Protection Division. She case here after working with the County for number of years as a Code Enforcement Officer. Four years ago, this office resurrected that division. The County agreed to fund an attorney and EO position with the promise that the division would be fully self-funded within 2-3 years. Due to the hard work and dedication of Heidi (in addition to other staff in the division, of course), the division is now self-funded. Many of the cases are investigated and prosecuted collaborative with other counties. The division works very closely with Sac County DA and has worked on a number of cases with numerous DA’s offices. Examples include slack fill cases (companies mislead consumers by having selling a product that fills only a portion of the non-transparent box), hazardous waste cases, etc.
Investigator of the Year     Tanya Souza
Tanya is incredibly resourceful and willing to go the extra mile. With the investigator ranks decimated, Tanya has been willing to respond to every varied demand hoisted upon her by attorneys. Her investigations are always thorough and she has shown an ability to do what’s necessary to fulfill an attorney’s request, even if the attorney didn’t quite articulate it right.
Manager of the Year     Heidi Delfin
If you are in the office before 8 am, during lunch, after 5 pm or on the weekend, you will often see Heidi Delfin trying to stay on top of her very busy desk. The secretaries she supervises do an outstanding job for our attorneys. Heidi is always willing to fill in and back up her staff as needed. Although she is “up to her eyeballs,” like the rest of us, she is always willing to take on any new task whether it’s a job that will take hours or a quick job that requires her to drop everything due to an immediate deadline. And, she accepts each task with a smile. But, she doesn’t just work on the “Secretarial” duties. Due to the short staffing of the professional staff, she picks up extra duties to ensure that PS gets the job done to support the work of this office. She is willing to do the most menial job to help out but also works on some of the most complex issues in this office (e.g., extraditions, NGIs, MDOs, etc.). Not only does she have outstanding relationships with, I’d venture to say, everyone in this office, but has a great working relationship with staff at our partner agencies. If she is awarded this honor, no doubt she will say: “This is not an award for me but one for my staff and the full professional staff.” That pretty much sums up Heidi. And, she is very generous with her jar full of truffles in her office.
Prosecutor of the Year     Robin Johnson
I would like to nominate Robin Johnson as Prosecutor of the Year. Robin has taken on some incredibly complex cases and done so with great results. I don’t think any other DA was in trial as much as Ms. Johnson last year. Moreover, Ms. Johnson volunteered to take on the Career Criminal grant while managing her previous case load. She is deserving of this award. Robin tried several difficult cases in 2010 and received impressive verdicts.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence     Alicia Martinez
I would like to nominate Alicia Martinez for the Annie Busta Award. Alicia has done so much for our office and others. She is never to busy to help anyone and she always does it with a smile. In the times we are in now there are some of those people that no matter how much they have going on in their own life, will always find time to help others that are in need. Alicia Martinez is one of those people. It gives me great honor to nominate her. I would like to nominate Alicia Martinez for the Annie Busta award. Alicia is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the area of audio and video discovery. She also does background checks, is our notary and is responsible for our evidence room. While she accomplishes all of her job functions with very minimal supervision, what is truly outstanding about her is the care she demonstrated towards retired Supervising Investigator Gene Burton. When Gene retired, his health was beginning to fail. For the past few years Alicia has spent time with Gene as he did not have any family in the area and his brother lives in Kentucky. When Gene needed to be moved from his apartment to an assisted living facility it was Alicia who made the arrangements and then assisted him with his finances and daily living needs. Alicia took him to his many doctor appointments, and ultimately to the hospital where she spent countless hours when he had a major health set back. Alicia Martinez was the one person who provided Gene Burton with the companionship and support he needed until he passed away on 1-23-11. I feel the compassion showed by Alicia Martinez to Gene Burton after he had retired from the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office is the ultimate example of treating our office as an extended family and is deserving of her being awarded the Annie Busta award.

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