2011 Peer Awards


Professional Staff of the Year      Rachel Hunter
Rachel is WONDERFUL! You can count on her to come through on last minute or unusual requests. I really appreciate her willingness to help. Rachel Hunter not only does a great job, but always takes time out to show the ropes to us newer attorneys. She is very pleasant to work with and will stop what she is doing to answer questions for us. Rachel is always willing to go the extra mile. She is bright and knows her job but is also a big picture thinker which is very helpful and appreciated. She rarely complains. She catches errors made by the attorneys. She is a true asset to the attorneys.
Advocate of the Year      Estela Morales
Watching the strength, dedication and poise that Estela demonstrated during the Topete trial, I watched as she interacted with all of the victims’ families and her patience and compassion was amazing. It was a very emotional trial but she was always there to tend to the needs of the family and it was obvious that the Diaz family saw her as their angel.
Enforcement Officer of the Year     Dave Edwards
Dave’s smile is infectious and he always has time for questions and assistance.
Investigator of the Year     Rich Johnson
Rich goes above and beyond his duties to help the attorneys. Whether it is to help us find an uncooperative victim or to sit in for an interview with a victim that is recanting, he does not complain and always makes himself available at the last minute. He never makes us feel like we are a burden to him and is always there to assist in any way possible.
Manager of the Year     Michelle Serafin
Michelle is a pleasure to work with. Her patience and guidance is amazing and although she has a lot on her plate with charging and running the Misdemeanor Team, she always makes herself available for questions and leadership.
Prosecutor of the Year     Ryan Couzens
Ryan is an excellent attorney who makes his job a priority and is an excellent advocate for his victims and the People. He is aggressive in his prosecution and seeks justice for his victims and the People of the State of CA.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence     Robin Zielesch
Robin is always pleasant and easy to work with. She is always looking out for everyone in the office, whether she is making sure people are avoiding parking tickets or putting out fires by using her contacts to make sure all of our witnesses are in court at the appropriate time. She is always willing to lend a helping hand.

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