2007 Peer Awards


Professional Staff of the Year     Rachel Hunter
Rachel Hunter is deserving of the award as the professional staff person of the year.  She made the transition into her job as a legal secretary quickly and does the job well.  She does her work in a timely manner, she is organized, she is accurate, and she assists with requests, even last minute ones, without complaint.  She is eager to help and learn.
Advocate of the Year     Laura Valdes
Laura Valdes is deserving of the award as the victim/witness advocate of the year.  I don’t even know how to sum up how wonderful she is at her job.  Not only does she demonstrate a remarkable amount of patience with the victims she assists, she gives up her own time to make sure victims are supported and comfortable.  I have seen her forgo many lunches in order to participate in interviews and other requests made by attorneys.  She is a pleasure to work with always.
Enforcement Officer of the Year     Tony Hurtado
Tony is always willing to help, no matter the situation. He has been called on many times for "other duties" like helping move furniture during the number of moves that needed to occur within the office. He keeps and maintains the stats for the Insurance Fraud Unit, does all of the reporting to the Department Insurance, which helps to continue the source of our funding. Tony is professional, a sharp dresser, and is thorough.  He conducts investigations, is an expert in public records searches, is trained in the AVID Video enhancement process,  and then finds time to attend the police academy at night and on the weekends.  All this with a goal of someday being a D.A. Investigator.  He represents this department well and gives a cool and confident appearance to this office.
Investigator of the Year     Jim Lucero
Jim has exemplified what a hard-working, competent, and devoted employee we should all strive to be.  He is always doing whatever he can to help out the office.  Whether it be taking time to instruct us investigators in arrest control procedures, assisting the attorney staff in their case preparations, or conducting gang public awareness seminars.  Jim has been an inspiration and an example to many of us in the way he genuinely cares about the work he completes.  He is always willing to lend his time to assist whatever unit may need him despite the heavy work load and responsibilities he carries.  He has a pleasant and positive personality as well which makes it very easy to work for/with him.
Manager of the Year     Miriam Franco
Miriam Franco should be recognized for ability to answer all questions thoroughly and efficiently.  Miriam trains each person very well and always makes a person feel comfortable when they have questions or concerns that need to be addressed.
Prosecutor of the Year     Carolyn Palumbo
The Prosecutor of the Year is Carolyn Palumbo.  I don't think any felony attorney has spent more time in trial this past year, and she has gotten some amazing results on some of the most serious cases in the office.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence     Brenda Harill
Brenda is always doing something to make those around her smile.  Not only does she sing, dance and crack an occasional joke, she promotes harmony in other ways, always without wanting recognition.  Brenda is always the one who will go the extra mile to make sure that a birthday is celebrated, or a special event is noticed.  She has had a few really tough years and through it all she keeps on smiling.  For these reasons, I believe that she deserves the Annie Busta perpetual award of excellence.

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