2006 Peer Awards


Professional Staff of the Year     Matthew K. Martin
"Matt Martin is a wonderful example of team spirit, can do attitude and a knowledgeable IT person (who doesn't rub it in your face). He is willing to help out anyone with a problem, IT or not."
Advocate of the Year     Julia Hernandez
"Julia Hernandez is an amazing person who does the work of at least 2 people and is always compassionate, professional and will do whatever she can to help a client. She has done this thankless job for a number of years all by herself. She is truly and awesome advocate."
Enforcement Officer of the Year     Bill Fiegen
"Bill Fiegen for all his hard work serving the subpoenas. He always goes above and beyond night and day to get the subpoenas served. He deals with hundreds and subpoenas and has put in many years here at the DA's office."
Investigator of the Year     Bruce Naliboff
"Bruce Naliboff turns around investigation requests in less than 1 day because he personally responds to the request when no one else was available rather than calling another investigator off of a priority task to do it. He always responds with a smile and a plan for last minute requests to locate a witness for a same-day appearance."
Manager of the Year     Craig Walker
"This is the second year that Craig has received a peer award.  The previous year (2005) he received the Support Staff of the Year Award.  He has continued his outstanding efforts to the next level as our Information Technology Manager."
Prosecutor of the Year     Rob Gorman
"Rob is a very hard working caring prosecutor. He always puts in 100% on his cases. Rob is a big team player and very deserving of this award."

District Attorney Awards - 2006

The Annie Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence     Annie Busta             
"This is a perpetual award that will remain in the office and will be past on to the new recipient every year. This award is to recognize a person who promotes the most harmony in the office. We named the award in honor of the first recipient who had worked 39 years in Yolo County and 37 of those in the District Attorney's Office. That person is Annie Busta."
Individual Leadership Award     Clinton Parish
This award is presented to Clinton Parish in appreciation of his efforts to implement the District Attorney's Liaison Program with Local Law Enforcement.
Team Leadership Award     Elder Protection Unit
  • Dave Akulian - Deputy District Attorney
  • Tanya Souza - Investigator
  • Dave Edwards - Enforcement Officer

This award is presented to the Elder Protection Unit for setting the standard in customer service and professionalism for all District Attorney teams to follow.

Prosecutor, Perpetual "Knock Out for Justice" Award     Carolyn Palumbo
This award, passed along on a monthly basis, is presented to the Prosecutor who passionately and professionally implements the mission of the District Attorney in the court room - Seek Justice, Do Justice. The first prosecutor to receive this award and to set the standard for others to follow is Carolyn Palumbo.

Other Awards

Hi-Tech Task Force Appreciation Award     Ginny Stroski
The Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Task Force awarded Ginny Stroski for her years of service to the unit.

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