2009 Peer Awards


Professional Staff of the Year     Brenda Harrill
Brenda is always very helpful, easy to approach, and never complains when she is asked to do something, even if it is not her letter, she always has a smile on her face and just says "no problem, I'll take care of it".
Advocate of the Year     Estela Morales
Estela has been part of the Victim Services Unit for 5 years. During those 5 years she has been she has proven to be a Do'er. She is a very hard worker who provides full advocacy for each of the clients she comes into contact with. She is also the computer graphic "guru" of the Victim Services Program., without the help she provides the unit during it's major events,  the work presented to the community would be of much lesser quality. Estela proves to be a major piece in making Victim Services the well oiled machine it is!
Enforcement Officer of the Year     Angela Smith
Angela Smith is the heart and soul of the Child Abduction Unit.  Parents and families appreciate Angela’s honesty and compassion for their situation and her concern for their children’s best interest.  Parents and family members often thank Angela even after she has told them what they did not want to hear.  Her nickname in the unit is “The Parent Whisperer” because she is so successful in getting parents to cooperate, appear in court, and even return their children from other states and countries.  Angela works to give kids stability in their life and the benefit of having a relationship with their parents and family as determined by the court—to make order out of chaos.Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig praised the work of the Child Abduction Unit and was not surprised that the mom wanted to meet with Angela.  “Angela Smith is the heart and soul of the Yolo County Child Abduction Unit.”  Many children and families have been touched by Angela’s dedication to recovering abducted children and helping families in child custody and visitation issues.
Investigator of the Year     Rogelio Orozco
Rogelio is always willing to accept new assignments for the good of the organization.  Rogelio has worked in the Welfare Fraud Unit, Gang Unit, FBI Safe Streets Task Force, General Criminal, SACCATTS, back to General Criminal and now is at YONET.Rogelio was instrumental during the investigation of a No Body Homicide.  Rogelio was reassigned to work the homicide case that involved numerous search warrants and Spanish speaking interviews.  Rogelio conducted over 50 interviews in the case.  During the investigation that required 15 hour days and, at times 7 days a week, Rogelio still made time to assist with other Spanish speaking investigations to include a sexual assault case, and translating jail calls.He provided valuable assistance in the Winter no body homicide….came out of a task force assignment to assist in the case, listened to hours of jail conversations, assisted with follow up investigations, witness location, transportation and coordination.
Manager of the Year     Wendy Wilcox
They say that “close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades,” but last year’s “almost manager of the year” Wendy Wilcox was throwing ringers all day.  No matter how busy Wendy was with her duties as the DA’s confidential secretary, or assisting with the Gang Injunction, she always made time to help with the No Body Homicide.  Wendy was responsible for all paper discovery, compiling binders, ordering documents via SDT and assisting with any last minute request.  Wendy was available any time day or night including weekends.
Prosecutor of the Year     Tiffany Susz
With passion and heart Tiffany Susz takes each of her prosecutions.  Each case represents a victim of the most vulnerable type; a child.  Many times they cannot voice their pain, their hurt, their broken trust.  Tiffany gives them that voice.  Their family usually has been torn apart due to the crime that has been committed upon them all.  Tiffany must take a puzzle of heartache and make it into a case against the worst of the worst.  In 2009 Tiffany sent child molesters to prison for a combined total of 247 years.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence     Dave Edwards
Dave always goes the extra mile to help all of us in the office and continues to get his assigned work completed. He works after five and on some weekends doing Elder Abuse outreach in our community. Dave always has a smile on his face, a good attitude and makes us laugh. I feel that Dave promotes harmony in our workplace and deserves the Annie Busta award.

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