2005 Peer Awards

Note: The award categories were expanded from the 3 categories in previous years.

Outstanding Prosecutor                             Jeff W. Reisig
Current District Attorney Jeff W. Reisig (won award as a Deputy District Attorney 3 year's in a row)For the third year in a row, the District Attorney's Office voted Jeff Reisig Attorney of the Year. Reisig was referred to as a "hard charging attorney" and "extremely knowledgeable." Reisig has been recognized as having a "tireless dedication to his job and this office." Reisig has been a prosecutor for nine years in the District Attorney's Office. Before that time, Reisig practiced civil law. In addition, DDA Reisig provides critical legal training regarding criminal street gangs to prosecutors and law enforcement officers throughout the county.
Outstanding Investigator     Dan Stroski
 The Investigator of the Year was Dan Stroski. Stroski has worked in the White Collar Crime Investigations unit for eight years. His special skills as a private investigator allowed him to fill this position with the knowledge and expertise that is required in Insurance Fraud Cases. Workers Comp Fraud Cases require a lot of dedication. They are complex cases filled with technical language from the medical field. They require extensive reading of monotonous reports from the employers, doctors, insurance companies and the Department of Insurance. He views each case as a challenge. Stroski is a board member of the Northern California Fraud Investigators Association.
Outstanding Support     Craig Walker
Craig Walker, Information Systems Coordinator, was voted Staff Member of the Year. Walker came to the District Attorney's Office from the Health Department where he served as an Environmental Health/Hazardous Materials Specialist. Walker was described by his co-workers as the person who keeps the office computers running with "a smile on his face and a song in the air."

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