• Neighborhood Court-xc

    Neighborhood Court seeks to address nonviolent and low level crimes through community-based restorative solutions to swiftly redress the harm caused by these offenses outside of the traditional criminal justice system.

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  • ProsecuteCriminalsSlider

    Seeking and Doing Justice. The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office is responsible for the prosecution of all adult and juvenile felonies and misdemeanors committed throughout Yolo County.

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  • Victim Services

    The DA’s Victim Services Program is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to victims of crime.  We are proud to provide information about the criminal justice system and ensure victims' rights are being met.

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  • CitizensAcademySlider (1000x341)

    The Citizen’s Academy is an eight-week course designed to involve diverse communities in participating in mutual learning about the criminal justice system.

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Woodland Women Convicted of Car Jacking

Press Release (Woodland, CA) – April 20, 2015 – Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced that on April 16, 2015, a jury convicted 19-year-old Marissa Price, from Woodland, on charges of carjacking, robbery, and vehicle theft. The jury convicted her crime partner 23-year-old Vanessa McKee-Salazar, also from Woodland, of vehicle theft and grand theft.… Read More →

Yolo County DA Honors Crime Victims

The Ninth Annual Crime Victims’ Tribute  – April 20, 2015 Press Release (Woodland, CA) – April 16, 2015 – Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig and Yolo County District Attorney Victim Services Program will recognize victims’ rights at their Ninth Annual Crime Victims’ Tribute on April 20, 2015. Yolo County crime victims, community leaders, victim advocates,… Read More →

Driver Who Caused Death While Having A Seizure Convicted of Murder

Press Release (Woodland, CA) – April 10, 2015 – District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced that on April 10, 2015, a Yolo County jury found 41-year-old Armando Gonzalez of Woodland, guilty of 2nd Degree Murder and Gross Vehicular Manslaughter for killing Darlene Ruth Morales on February 4, 2014. The jury also convicted Gonzalez of two counts… Read More →