Yolo DA Receives Grant Funds to Improve Child Abuse Reporting Systems

The California Office of Emergency Services awarded the Yolo County District Attorney $750,000 to develop a computer system that will help protect child abuse victims

Press Release

(Woodland, CA) - March 24, 2017 - Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced today that Yolo County has moved a step forward in increasing the safety for children and families in Yolo County. The District Attorney’s Office, in collaboration with Yolo County Child Welfare Services and with the support of all local Law Enforcement Agencies in Yolo County, has received a three year grant from the California Office of Emergency Services in the amount of $750,000. The grant opportunity was only open to all California District Attorney’s Offices. Yolo County was just one of two recipients which were awarded a grant.

The grant will provide funding to develop an Electronic Child Abuse Reporting System (eSCARS). This innovative system will enable Child Welfare Services, Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Probation and the District Attorney to improve the communication, transparency, and information sharing in Yolo County in cases involving suspected child abuse. Los Angeles County is the only county in California operating an eSCARS and will be the model for Yolo County.

The implementation of the Electronic Suspected Child Abuse Report System (ES) Program will not only improve current protocols but also provide Yolo County the opportunity to create new county-wide protocols for child abuse referrals, cross-reporting, and investigations.

District Attorney Jeff Reisig praised the County effort in obtaining the grant. “This shows the amazing collaboration we have in Yolo County,” said Reisig. “No at-risk child should be lost through the cracks of government bureaucracy. This collaborative and innovative effort is designed to close any system gaps and improve the critical systems we all use to protect kids from abuse.”