Yolo DA Celebrates 10 Years of Honoring Crime Victims

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is April 10-16, 2016

Press Release

(Woodland, CA) – April 8, 2016 – Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig and Yolo County District Attorney Victim Services Program will recognize victims’ rights at their 10th Annual Crime Victims’ Tribute on April 14, 2016. Yolo County crime victims, community leaders, victim advocates, prosecutors, law enforcement and service professionals will again join together with DA Jeff Reisig and Yolo County District Attorney’s Office to recognize victims’ rights and the devastating impact of crime on victims, schools, neighborhoods, and our nation as a whole. Christine Ward, Executive Director of I-CAN/Director CVAA, will be present the keynote address.

Jeff Reisig and Yolo County Victim Services will acknowledge four individuals and families who have survived tragic and heartbreaking events. The honorees include:

A man who was attacked in a neighborhood dispute who had to fend off his knife-wielding attacker. Many people, including children, watched this frightening attack. The victim cooperated with law enforcement and prosecution which aided in a conviction and hopefully a safer neighborhood.

A business owner who suffered a loss of nearly $12,000 dollars after two young men stole his car and vandalized his property. He is finally able to be recognized as a victim of a crime and not overlooked as someone who was just involved in a property crime issue.

A survivor of domestic violence who was brutally attacked by her boyfriend and pretended to lose consciousness in hopes the assault would stop. Eventually the victim was able to escape and get help from a neighbor who called the police. The survivor showed courage in reporting the crime and the DA’s office successfully prosecuted the defendant.

A family whose mother was killed in a tragic collision due to a defendant with a history of epilepsy who should not have been driving. This defendant crashed his car on prior occasions and knew he should not be driving. The family came to nearly every court appearance and was extremely patient even after many court continuances.

The Tenth Annual Crime Victims’ Tribute will be held at Woodland Opera House, 340 Second Street in Woodland on April 14, 2016 from noon to 12:50pm. The public is welcome and encouraged to join the DA’s office for this important tribute event.