Yolo County DA Celebrates 11 Years of Honoring Crime Victims

Annual Tribute is on April 3, 2017 at the Woodland Opera House

Press Release

(Woodland, CA) - March 30, 2017 - District Attorney Jeff Reisig and the Yolo County District Attorney Victim Services Program will host the Eleventh Annual Crime Victims’ Tribute on April 3, 2017. Yolo County crime victims, community members, victim advocates, prosecutors, law enforcement, and service professionals will again join together with the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office to recognize victims’ rights and the devastating impact of crime on victims, schools, neighborhoods, and our nation as a whole. The keynote address will be given by sexual assault survivor and community advocate Yee Xiong. Reisig and Yolo County Victim Services will be honoring five individuals and a family who have survived through tragic and heartbreaking events. The honorees include:

A family who had their home burglarized by multiple offenders while they were asleep upstairs. The crime left them feeling as though they may never be able to regain their sense of security or wellbeing but they found incredible strength to carry on and testify during the jury trial.

A survivor of domestic violence who was attacked by her boyfriend of 12 years in front of their young son. The victim sustained an eight inch knife cut. Her perseverance through both language barriers and a lack of transportation are a testament to her character and resilience.

Three bicyclists who were intentionally run down by an unstable and crazed driver in Clarksburg. All three were injured but one young bicyclist suffered extreme injuries that nearly caused him to lose his life. With their families support and their determination, all three testified to help prosecute the offender.

A domestic violence survivor who was brutally assaulted and suffered a broken back, a broken arm, and a severe bite mark. She was able to heal from her injuries and overcome many personal challenges in order to find the courage to testify and face her attacker at trial.

The “Hero of the Year” award will be presented to Dawn Yackzan, the Executive Director of Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign. Her campaign, which recognizes the gaps in sexual assault education for high school students, has united multiple organizations throughout the community and has become an incredible resource for parents, teachers, and students.

The Eleventh Annual Crime Victims’ Tribute will be held at Woodland Opera House, 340 Second Street in Woodland on April 3, 2017 from 12:00PM to 12:50PM. The public is welcome and encouraged to join the District Attorney’s Office for this important tribute event.

Also, the Winters Theatre Company is presenting a special benefit performance of SEVEN in honor of Crime Victims’ Rights Week at the Woodland Opera House on Saturday, April 8th at 7:30PM. SEVEN tells the true stories of seven courageous women around the world who stood up and fought for equality and justice for women. These women come from Nigeria, Russia, Guatemala, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Cambodia. Issues such as human trafficking, domestic violence, labor laws, medical access, and the right to be educated are all addressed in this compelling theatre documentary. The event is sponsored by the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office, the Winters Theatre Company, WEAVE, Empower Yolo, and My Sister’s House. Tickets are $20.00 and may be purchased through the Woodland Opera House box office at www.woodlandoperahouse.org or by calling 530-666-9617.

Photo from the 2016 Victim Tribute Ceremony, from left to right, Victim Advocate Program Coordinator Laura Valdes, District Attorney Jeff Reisig, & the Sign-Language Translator.

Photo from the 2016 Victim Tribute Ceremony, from left to right, Victim Advocate Program Coordinator Laura Valdes, District Attorney Jeff Reisig, & the Sign-Language Translator.