Auto Insurance Fraud

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff W. Reisig believes that every effort should be made to identify, investigate, and prosecute those persons who commit Automobile Insurance Fraud.

The impact on every household is felt, through higher premiums.  The act of committing insurance fraud unfairly impacts the insurance companies, and unjustly enriches the thieves that perpetrate these crimes.

<span class="center">An Auto Insurance Fraud crime scene.</span>

An Auto Insurance Fraud crime scene.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, approximately ten percent or more of the property casualty insurance claims are fraudulent. These claims result in an additional $300 in premium paid by the consumer for each household. Insurance Fraud is second highest white collar crime committed in the United States. Persons committing these crimes could be your neighbor, doctor, auto body shop, or Attorney.

Claimants - Run into problems with the law when they ask for greater benefits than they are entitled. This includes misrepresenting the extent of loss or the circumstances surrounding the loss that could effect the extent of coverage.

Examples - Typical fraud referrals involve the reporting of a vehicle being stolen when it wasn’t, with intent of causing a total loss and thereby getting out from underneath a loan payment that the owner can no longer afford. Or to surgically strip the vehicle, claim the loss of tires, rims, seats, and or stereos, file a theft claim, with intent to be compensated for a loss that never occurred.

To report please call:

Investigator Kristine Fitzgerald at 530-666-8317.

301 Second Street | Woodland, CA 95695 | 530-666-8380 Phone | 530-666-8423 Fax