This Week Is National Police Week


Due to weather, the event location has been moved to the Yolo County Administration Building Atrium located at 625 Court Street, Woodland.  The memorial walk will take place rain or shine.

This week is National Police Week. To our brothers and sisters in law enforcement, THANK YOU for all you do to protect and defend what we all want... to feel safe in our homes and communities.

There exists a thin line between order and chaos, between good and evil. It is that line which allows us to go about our daily lives. That line remains strong, it remains vigilant, and, most importantly, it remains ever present....for us. It possesses traits that few have: Honor, dedication, loyalty, valor, integrity, and selflessness. It is a line that doesn't seek praise, but, yet, deserves all the thanks in the world, because that line exists for us. That line is blue and is made up of the men and women of law enforcement.

Let us honor, remember, and thank those selfless individuals who make up that line. They are our brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family members. They are our protectors.

To those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we will never forget you and will live our lives honoring you.

Image is a photo of the fallen peace officer memorial banner posted in Heritage Plaza, Woodland, CA.