Man Committed to State Hospital for Robbery Extended Two Years

Press Release

(Woodland, CA) - August 8, 2016 - District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced that on August 5, 2016, a court decided that fifty-nine year old Vernon Earl Rubidoux should be retained in custody of a State Hospital for two more years due to the fact that he still poses a substantial danger to the community.

In 2007, Mr. Rubidoux pled Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGI) for Robbery while using a knife and admitted having served three prior terms in State Prison.  Mr. Rubidoux had approached the victim in West Sacramento, CA, held a knife to his neck and demanded that the victim remove his pants and shoes.  In return for his plea, Mr. Rubidoux was committed to the State Hospital for nine years.

When a person is committed to State Hospital under an NGI plea, their term of confinement may be extended for two additional years if that person still has a mental disease, defect or disorder that causes him or her to be dangerous to others.

In Mr. Rubidoux’s case, doctors testified that he had continued to be violent to staff, his clinical team and other inmates during his nine years.  In addition, doctors explained that he consistently refused to comply with his mental health directives and goals.

The Honorable Samuel T. McAdam found beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Rubidoux’s mental disorder is such that it causes him to be a substantial danger to others.  He ordered that Mr. Rubidoux remain in custody for two more years.  He also reiterated that the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation continue to do whatever they can to help Mr. Rubidoux deal with his mental disorder.  The court will continue to get updates as to Mr. Rubidoux’s progress every six months.

Deputy District Attorney Deanna Hays prosecuted the case.