Leslie’s Pool Supply Settles Case with District Attorney

Leslie’s agrees to donate pool supplies to city and county pools

Press Release

Woodland, CA - December 16, 2015 - Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced that his office, along with the Fresno Office of the District Attorney, reached a settlement in a consumer protection case filed on December 4, 2015 against Leslie’s Poolmart, Inc. for alleged product packaging violations in the sales of its two pound “Fresh N Clear” oxidizer product. Leslie’s has stores in Davis and Fresno.

The case focused on packages that appeared to hold more product than was actually present. No public health implications were alleged and Leslie’s promptly took steps to assure that its products come into compliance with state packaging laws. Without admitting wrongdoing, Leslie’s agreed, as part of the settlement, to pay $79,289. Leslie’s will donate $36,678 of the total settlement to purchase pool supplies and equipment for city and county pools. The District Attorney’s Offices of Yolo and Fresno Counties will each receive $21,000 to cover costs of the investigation and penalties.