Foreclosure Email Scam

Press Release

(Woodland, CA) District Attorney Jeff Reisig and the Yolo County Board of Realtors want to warn local citizens about a recent email being distributed that states the recipient is being evicted from their home. The official sounding "foreclosure notice" is designed to scare you into responding quickly, while you are upset and not thinking clearly. Cybercriminals are trying to get you to open attachments which may contain computer viruses or provide them with a credit card number. You can be sure this is a scam designed to steal your money and possibly your identity. If you receive an unexpected or unsolicited email like this and you are not sure if it is legitimate, you should contact your bank and/or realtor to ask them about it before you respond.

Scam artists from all over the world send fraudulent emails that look like they are coming from a legitimate source in hopes that you will open them and inadvertently download malicious computer programs. Notices that appear on your computer out of the blue for unexpected things like package shipping, IRS tax refunds or credit card confirmations are red flags. Extra caution should be exercised and we strongly suggest you be alert, cautious and skeptical.

For more information on ways to detect and report scams, including Real Estate and Financial Fraud contact Derek Soriano at the District Attorney's Office (530) 406-4503.