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Yolo County District Attorney Victim Services Program Intern/Volunteer

Approximate Hours Per Week: 16 - 40
Requires Background Check: Yes
Departmental Division: N/A
Travel Percentage: No Travel
GPA: 0

The Yolo County District Attorney's Office Victim Services Program is always seeking potential intern/volunteers resumes, accompanied by a letter of interest.

Victim Services Interns/Volunteers will obtain an intricate experience and hands on approach to observing and being part of criminal court cases and the process of the criminal justice system.  They will have continuous contact with local law enforcement agencies, criminal prosecutors, local government and non-profit based advocates and the clients they serve.  Most of the clients served, whom are in the process of working through a victimization of a violent crime.

The job duties of Victim Services Program Interns/Volunteers consist of: Court Coverage; locating case status/disposition as well as Warrant case status; data entry; assisting with preparation of mailed documents to victim service clients; doing the work up and submittal for California Victims of Crime applications; filing files and documents; photo copying brochures and documents as requested by the advocates and other job duties as assigned and directed.

If you are interested, please submit a resume and an interest letter to:

Yolo County District Attorney’s Office
ATTN: Laura Valdes
301 Second Street
Woodland, CA 95695

Resumes and letters of interest will be accepted for consideration.

Position Type
Full Time, Part Time, Internship, Volunteer/Unpaid

Job Function
Human Resources, Law/Legal Services, Public Service

Outgoing; Team Player; Optimistic; Self Starter; Motivated; Social; Flexible; Able to Multi-Task; Leadership Skills; Bilingual/Bi-Cultural is a bonus!

City: Woodland
State/Province: California
Country: United States

Desired Class Level(s): Freshman, Sophomore, Junior
Desired Major(s): All Majors

Contact Information:
Laura Valdes
301 Second Street
Woodland, California 95695
United States
(530) 666-8187

Read What Current and Past Interns Have to Say About Their Experience

Laura Valdes and the team at Victim Services are truly committed to helping crime victims. My experience working as a volunteer with them was rewarding to say the least. Not only did I get exposure to criminal legal proceedings, the traumatic effects of a crime, and victim advocacy, but as my first "serious job" in a fast-paced environment I gained self-confidence and skills in a legal setting. Little things like interactions with legal staff, phone conversations, and other miscellaneous office work helped me transition smoothly into my current position as legal assistant. And even though this position does not allow me to directly help crime victims, I continue to do whatever I can to help someone in need.

- Diana Cruz

I was so happy and excited when I was selected to be an intern for the Yolo County Victim Services Program. I have always worked to be a part of and serve my community, and interning for VSP made me feel like I was actually a part of making a difference in someone else's life. During my internship, I realized that working with victims and protecting my community is my real passion, and I have been working towards that ever since. I am now in law school working towards becoming a prosecutor so that I can continue working with victims, and I wouldn't be where I am without the wonderful experience I had with VSP.

- Heather Rodriguez

Working in the Victim Services Unit has been a joyous experience to say the least. The Advocates I work for are truly amazing, and the reason why they really succeed in their work is because they truly care for their victims and this passion is seen every day when they accompany their victims to court or guide them through the challenging and often frustrating legal process. As a volunteer intern, they have been the best role models that any young person trying to really start their life and career could have. Not only do these women show us interns what it means to be dedicated to their careers, but they also show us how they are able to balance all the stresses that life can throw. My experience here has really motivated me to pursue a law degree after I graduate from UC Davis and hopefully bring the same level of empathy that I have seen here to wherever else my future takes me.

- Louise Song

Simply put, my experience with Victim Services has been amazing. There are no words to describe my appreciation for the staff (Laura, Julia, Estela, Linda, Sylvia) and the other interns. This position has not only taught me more about the legal field, but also important life lessons that has allowed me to grow as a person. I learned to listen, ask questions, fail and improve. I highly recommend anyone who has a general interest in working with people to intern here at Victim Services, regardless of majors. It is truly a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity that I have had the honor of experiencing.

- Reymond Huang

As for my experience with the Victim Services Unit, I had an overall very positive experience. I felt I was able to make a significant contribution to those who needed the services of the VS Unit. Interning for the VS Unit was a great introduction into the criminal field of law because it gave me a different perspective on issues than an attorney or law clerk would have to face. This opportunity contributed significantly to my decision to practice criminal law. I have been able to draw from my experiences with the VS Unit while clerking for the Fresno DA's Office. I am glad to have made a lot of friendships during my time there. The staff was great to work with and very helpful. The team worked as a cohesive unit and it showed with the impact they made on Yolo County.

- David Olmos

Throughout my time in Victim Services, I encountered time and time again the positive effect of strangers on each other’s lives. The advocates of Victim Services are friendly, concerned, and self-less. As an intern, one assists them with their case load, each case being unique and even more heart-breaking from the previous. No frosting included, this job is tough. One will read cases and interact with individuals who have had a traumatic, jarring, and unjust experience. It will definitely change the way one looks at law enforcement, community justice, safety, and one's personal values.

Also, being around their caring and persistent behavior in an environment conductive to sparking questions and receiving answers was one of the best experiences I had in an internship. Each individual here genuinely cares about teaching their interns about their position and giving hands-on experience. This opportunity has clarified what I want in a career and in a workplace. I highly recommend working here!

- Fay Pao