Davis Restaurant Agrees to Pay Sanctions

After Repeatedly Storing Raw Meats on Floor

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Woodland, CA – May 31, 2016 – Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced today that Yolo County Superior Court Judge Timothy L. Fall ordered Ohana Hawaiian BBQ to pay $13,200 in costs and penalties and to implement improved food-handling practices, after the parties reached an agreement on those terms through a stipulation.

The enforcement action related predominantly to Ohana Hawaiian’s handling of meat products at its Davis restaurant. Before this action, Ohana Hawaiian had repeatedly stored raw meats outside of its refrigerator because of limited storage space, leading the meats to reach temperatures conducive to breeding harmful bacteria. Ohana Hawaiian continued this practice for years despite receiving several citations from the Yolo County Environmental Health Division.

“California food-safety laws are in place to prevent exactly these types of harmful practices,” said District Attorney Reisig. “This enforcement action will help ensure that, going forward, Ohana Hawaiian complies with these laws intended to safeguard public health.”

Ohana Hawaiian has been cooperative with the District Attorneys’ investigation and, in recent months, has implemented new policies and procedures designed to prevent future violations of food-safety requirements. Judge Fall has ordered Ohana Hawaiian to continue to follow these new policies and procedures going forward.