Davis Rebekah Lodge Donates to DA Comfort Dog

The $500 will be used for training and care of Aloha – the DA Comfort Dog

Press Release

(Woodland, CA) – June 3, 2014- Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced today that the Davis Rebekah Lodge donated $500 for training and care of Aloha, the District Attorneys Comfort Dog.  Aloha works with victims and witnesses to help reduce the emotional trauma they suffer during their exposure to the criminal justice system.  She quietly sits at the feet of adults and children as they are being interviewed or questioned in court.  Aloha’s presence has reduced the stress level of countless people who have been thrust into the criminal justice system.  She also volunteers in family law court where she is a favorite of the children and parents waiting to have their cases heard.

The DA’s Comfort Dog program was brought to the attention of the Davis Rebekah Lodge by one of its members, Judge Kathleen White.  The DA’s Victim Services Manager Laura Valdes is Aloha’s owner and handler.  When Judge White learned that Valdes self-funds the training and care of the dog, she brought the program to the attention of the Davis Rebekah Lodge.  The Lodge consists of women and men of all ages who, in partnership with the Davis Odd Fellows, own the Odd Fellows Lodge in Downtown Davis.  The Rebekah Lodge has been chartered and committed to community service in the greater Davis community since 1901.  The Lodge, under the current leadership of Noble Grand Barbara Geisler, supports numerous local charities and focuses on assisting the most vulnerable members of our community.

Judge White described the hall outside her courtroom being full of anxious people waiting to testify about their recent traumas.  “Aloha seems to know who needs her most, heads straight for that person and sits calmly next to them,” said Judge White.  “In a few minutes everyone in the hall is petting her and smiling. Aloha and Laura provide a wonderful public service."

For more information about Aloha please contact Laura Valdes at laura.valdes@yolocounty.org or (530) 666-8207.

Laura Valdes and Aloha