Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud

Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigation

Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigation

Form to Report Insurance Fraud

Types of Workers Compensation Fraud:

Claimant Fraud - This occurs when an employee or employer lies to obtain or deny benefits that are required by law. Examples would be to lie about how an injury occurred, the extent of their injury, or the employment status of an employee at the time of injury.

Medical Provider Fraud - This occurs when a medical provider submits bills for services never rendered, or embellishes the services actually provided with intent to be paid.

Premium Fraud - This is where an employer lies about his payroll, experience modification, or classification of his employees. All for the purpose of paying less premium than required.

Uninsured Employers - This occurs when an employer fails to provide workers compensation insurance to cover his employees.

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff W. Reisig believes in a fair marketplace. Through the efforts of his Insurance Fraud Unit, efforts are made to identify, investigate, and prosecute offenders for workers’ compensation fraud. 

The cost of doing business in Yolo County is impacted by the cost of labor and the necessary insurance to cover employees in the event they are injured on the job. When fraud is introduced, it negatively impacts the entire county, as it raises the cost that we would otherwise have to pay for goods and services. 

The fact is, a sub-contractor has to be a bonafide business, with its own licenses and insurance to cover its employees. Those that pay under the table, without withholding the necessary taxes, are committing a felony and become personally liable for the taxes the employer fails to collect.

It is wise to check your potential business out. Do they have a municipal business license? Are they licensed through the Contractor’s State Licensing Board? Do they have a bond? Do they keep and maintain workers’ compensation insurance for their employees or sub-contractor’s employees?

To report Workers' Compensation Insurance Fraud, call our hotline at: 530-406-4524

Or Investigator Paul Hillegass at 530-666-8442

Citizens may remain anonymous, but keep in mind, the investigation process is more expeditious when we can verify the reliability of the person making the complaint and how it is they know what they know.

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