Exclusive First Look: Neighborhood Court


Published on Apr 16, 2013
In an exclusive interview, AggieTV and the California Aggie give you a first look at Davis' Neighborhood Court. This brand new Restorative Justice Program was initiated by the Yolo County District Attorney's office in cooperation with the UC Davis Police Department to address nonviolent and low level crimes through community-based solutions to swiftly redress the harm caused by these offenses outside of the traditional criminal justice system. The purpose of this program is to address criminal violations that impact the quality of life at UC Davis. They hope to implement the program by this coming Picnic Day.
As a Restorative Justice Program, Neighborhood Court strengthens neighborhoods impacted by criminal activity in four ways:
- Restore Victim
- Restore Community
- Restore Offender
- Educate Offender

To request an application packet to be a panelist, contact:
DDA Chris Bulkeley
(530) 681-6323
(Please leave a message including your phone number if you get voicemail)
Or email neighborhoodcourt@yolocounty.org

For more information: www.yoloda.org and police.ucdavis.edu
Follow UC Davis Police on Twitter @PoliceUc

Reported by: Jhunehl Fortaleza
Filmed by: Jhunehl Fortaleza & Scott Schwerdtfeger
Edited by: Jhunehl Fortaleza & Julian Brotschi

California Aggie Reporter: Meredith Sturmer

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