Neighborhood Court Panelist Training (West Sacramento)

Do you want to be part of bold criminal justice reform in your community?

The Neighborhood Court team will be hosting a Panelist Training at the West Sacramento Community Center on November 10th, from 8:45am - 5pm at 1075 West Capitol Avenue.

Neighborhood Court uses the principles of restorative justice to resolve low-level offenses outside of the traditional criminal justice system. Volunteer panelists have the opportunity to participate in conferences with fellow community members to hold participants accountable, address harms caused by crime, and identify constructive solutions to the underlying causes of criminal misconduct so that participants can avoid repeating the same mistakes.  Neighborhood Court’s valued volunteers help victims, community members, and participants move forward in a positive direction.

Step 1: To apply please go to My Volunteer Portal to register and submit an application to sign up for training dates.

Step 2: Attend a 1-day Panelist Training.

Step 3: Participate in a 2 hour Mock Conference session, which will be held at the same location.