Crimes Strategies and Investigation Internship Program

The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office is starting a new internship program with a focus on crimes strategies and investigation.  We are seeking qualified students who are interested in criminal justice and who also have a keen interest in crime analysis as well.  Our goal is to incorporate innovation into our processes through technology and data analysis.  We are seeking Crimes Strategies Analysts who will assist with these efforts.  Using a new digital searching platform, we are going to be exploring through new evidence which can be utilized to assist in investigations, interventions (such as our Neighborhood Court program) and prosecutions.  Under the supervision of our Chief of Investigations who oversees the Crimes Strategies Program the qualified intern would be doing the following:

• Data Analysis
• Social Media Scraping
• Inmate Communications
• Crime Trend Evaluation
• Writing Reports

The commitment with our office would be between 10–20 hours during the regular school sessions. The internship can be expanded where applicable up to 40 hours during the winter and summer breaks.

If you are selected, we request that you commit to volunteering for a minimum of one school quarter or semester (or three months time).

Please contact Mike Works at or (530) 406-4518.

Read What Current and Past Interns Have to Say About Their Experience

I interned at the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office during the summer preceding my junior year in college. As a political science major with an interest in law and law enforcement, I was eager to learn more about the criminal justice system and specifically the role and responsibilities of the District Attorney’s Office.

As a Data-driven Intern assigned to the Investigations Unit, I was entrusted to complete a variety of tasks including social media scraping, monitoring inmate communications, transcribing officer field communications and compiling and organizing information to assist deputy district attorneys during court procedures. I was often encouraged to attend court proceedings, where I was able to see how attorneys used the evidence I had helped prepare.

I am grateful to the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office for the opportunity to intern for them and would like to thank the entire staff. They did much more than just teach me the skills I needed to complete the tasks at hand. They made me feel welcome in the office. Everyone I worked with was supportive, encouraging and willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with me. My direct supervisor in particular was a wonderful role model and mentor, sharing career and life advice and encouraging leadership development.

The internship was an invaluable learning experience—much more than I had possibly hoped—and left me eager to become more involved in law and the criminal justice system. But more than an education, the internship led to personal growth and a new confidence in my ability to successfully take on life’s challenges. I owe much of that growth to the staff at the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office. I was impressed daily by the staff’s professionalism and their passion and commitment to the Office’s mission to pursue truth and justice. Truly, they lead by example. I am proud to have been part of the team of the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office. Thank you.

 - Dylan Klein

Interning for the Data Driven Intervention Team at the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office’s for 9 months was an exceptionally unique experience. It was an interesting combination between criminal justice and data analysis. Every project was different and it was on-going learning process which should be the goal of any internship. I had a chance to analyze crime trends, police reports, social media profiles and inmate communications for multiple cases.

I enjoyed my internship not only because of the experiences and skills I now have but also because of everyone in the office. The atmosphere is very friendly and you can make every project your own. I never felt like I was being micro-managed. They understand that every intern has a unique set of skills coming in and they allowed me to work on side projects using the data analysis skills I was learning in school. They also encouraged me to observe in court which allowed me to connect the dots between the projects I have done and how they go to play in court. I highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in the bigger picture and goals of criminal prosecution.

 - Mica Allian, Criminal Intelligence Specialist

I began my internship with the Yolo District Attorney near the end of my sophomore year at Sacramento State and through the Fall semester of my junior year. This internship really helped further my knowledge in investigations and helped me gain interest on the law side of the Criminal Justice System.

As a Data Driven Intervention Intern, I had the chance to experiment with a variety of platforms and work side by side with investigators. While doing so, I learned new investigative techniques and had the chance to use them when assigned tasks. These tasks included making jail calls for arrest alerts, helping with case briefs, and aiding attorneys and detectives gather information via social media. I was also invited and encouraged to attend court hearings and high-profiled trials to help further my knowledge and experience.

While working at the district attorney office I met people from all different branches of the office who were truly passionate about what they did. They were very helpful and encouraged me to ask as many question as needed to help make me feel comfortable with my assigned tasks. They were extremely flexible around my school and work schedule and helped me find the hours that were right for me. My supervisor was very knowledgeable and helpful toward any questions I had. Overall, I really enjoyed this internship and always looked forward to going to work. Through this internship I actually felt I was able to make a difference which was very fulfilling. This experience opened my eyes and further my knowledge about the DA’s everyday duties which now has me looking into pursuing a career in either law and/or investigations.

I strongly recommend looking into this internship if you are on the fence about your career choice. What I enjoyed most was seeing the work I completed being used to help aid the attorneys and investigators. The experience exceeded my expectations and helped me on an educational level as well.

 - Jess Baucum